Discover how Safety Plus revolutionized MoreTrench Industrial's safety
practices, achieving a 105% boost in training and assisted in streamlining their
safety operations, resulting in enhanced compliance and employee safety.

How Moretrench Industrial
Tracks Safety With Safety Plus. 

Since the Moore Trenching Machine excavator in 1891, Moretrench has pioneered some of the industry’s most important underground advancements. It’s that spirit of creativity and leadership that has driven the company ever since. By being innovators underground, Moretrench has experienced more situations and have dealt with more complexities than anyone in the industry. That experience drives everything they do, from the way they look at projects, to the services they provide, all the way to the people they choose to hire and partner with. When it comes to the complexities of underground construction, no one has seen more than Moretrench.

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Company Location

Riverview, FL

Company Size

300+ Employees

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The Problem

“We couldn’t keep up...We were putting ourselves in a position where training requirements could easily fall through the cracks. We needed a software that would make our safety program a more collaborative effort and a notification system that would allow us to be more proactive.”

Safety Director
Moretrench American


The Solution

With Safety Plus, Moretrench sought to:

• Utilize SafetyPlusWeb’s extensive training library to train its employees on a wide array of required topics.

• Enable all members of a safety team to log on, view, upload, and edit relevant safety information. Safety administrators can create custom user roles to restrict sensitive information and allow lower-level administrators to see only the information they need.

• Assign training and other requirements which are intelligently grouped together based on job types and locations so that they can easily be assigned to employees.

The Results

Moretrench implemented SafetyPlusWeb into their operations...

• In it's first 3 months there was a 105% increase in training.

• With unlimited administrative users and the collaborative nature of SafetyPlusWeb, Moretrench has improved the speed in which important safety questions are answered.

• With the qualifications feature, Moretrench can see which employees are qualified to complete certain work functions like operating a forklift or wearing a respirator.


Another Safety
Success Story

“Safety Plus has taken our safety to the next level. Information is intelligently organized and easily accessible. Our safety program is now a collaborative effort. I recommend SafetyPlusWeb to anyone that looking to improve their company’s safety operations.”

Safety Director,
Moretrench Industrial


Fully outsourced safety services built for compliance and efficiency.

Get big-picture program management with the people, processes, and tools you need for safety and productivity.


Get the right site safety personnel. Without all the hassle.

Let us find and place site safety personnel for your next project.

Meet the experts in efficient safety operations.

We know how hard it is to get safety done right. That’s why we’ve helped thousands of companies in almost every industry make safety more sustainable for over 30 years.

Smith Industrial Services core mac myer ammons lcdc

Our partnership with Safety Plus has allowed us to focus on our day-to-day industrial cleaning operations while they remain laser-focused on our safety operations. They have helped keep our employees safe year in and year out by handling every aspect of safety from training, to inspections, to documentation.

Chris Smith

Smith Industrial Services

Safety Plus helps us reach our established safety goals by making training tracking and certification management easier and more efficient than ever.

Andrew Peter

Core Industries

Our Safety Plus Team's attention to detail is unmatched and has helped make safety a top priority in our company.

Mark Mostellar

Mobile Asphalt Co.

Safety Plus helped us create a New Hire Orientation Program that gives us peace of mind that new employees are properly trained and able to perform work safely the first time they clock in for a shift.

Bradley Myer

Myer Marine

Safety Plus helps you work safe today so you can go home safe tonight.

Donnie Davis

Ammons & Blackmon, LLC

Our safety program is elevated by SafetyPlusWeb - the Audits feature in the SafetyPlusWeb App and the training documentation helps us manage the most important elements of our safety program with ease. I recommend SafetyPlusWeb to everyone I know.

David Patrick

Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Company – Invirex

Getting safety right doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Get the support you need for your safety operations. We’ll help you put the right mix of people, processes, and software to work – so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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More Success Stories

Everything You Need To Run Safely and Efficiently.

We help businesses with safety requirements access the tools and services they need to maximize safety and avoid unnecessary disruptions in their operations. Many businesses don’t have someone on staff managing safety and compliance full-time – so we do it for them. Others don’t have the tools needed to manage safety operations effectively - so we created those as well. The result? Our customers can focus on growing their business, confident that safety operations are efficient and effective.


Prevent Tragedy And Scale
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