We Exist To Help Companies Prevent Tragedy.

By making safe work efficient, we help companies reduce risk, avoid tragedies, and strengthen their employees — and their bottom line.

We needed a better way to manage safety programs. So we built it.

There are several platforms in the safety management space, but many are built by industry outsiders who lack real-world safety experience. Safety Plus is different. We designed our SafetyPlusWeb software and comprehensive menu of safety services to better support our needs and the needs of our 3,000+ clients across North America.

We’ve spent decades refining our products and services, improving our technology, and layering in services (like site safety personnel staffing) to support any safety and compliance requirement you encounter. By removing the hassle, frustration, and chaos from compliance, we help you focus your energy on the work that truly moves the needle in your business. Partner with Safety Plus to make safe work efficient.



Trusted Partners

Productive safety programs are never set-it-and-forget-it. We’re with you every step, guiding you from chaos to confidence.



Operational Efficiency

When done right, safe work can be efficient work. Let us help you build and maintain a sustainable safety program.



Complete Compliance

Meet every requirement. Uphold every standard. Maintain an uncompromising culture of health and safety.

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Technological Advantage

Our proprietary software was created to meet the critical needs of an effective safety program. Make safety more efficient with the right tools.

30 years. Thousands of customers. And we’re just getting started.

We know first-hand how time-consuming it can be to manage even a single aspect of a good safety program. We’ve seen exactly how complex safety management can be — and we know people’s lives and livelihoods are on the line. Since 1991, we’ve made safety management easier to accomplish by providing software, services, and staffing that solve the most challenging issues facing safety managers and business owners. Our risk-based approach has helped thousands of businesses across the US, Mexico, and Canada achieve compliance without sacrificing efficiency. At Safety Plus, we build easy-to-run safety programs that simplify your life, protect your people, and keep your business moving.

Thousands of Customers

Serving 3,000+ customers across North
America for over 30 years

Serving the US, Canada, and Mexico

Any industry. Any compliance situation. Any
job site in North America.

Built by Safety Professionals

Proven software and services built for the
real world by true safety professionals


Let’s Make Safe Work Efficient Together.

The 6 Pillars of an Effective Safety Program

How to run a safety program without complying yourself out of business.