Worksite Safety Starts with
Smart Contractor Qualification

Intuitive software to help you streamline and automate contractor vetting

Contractor Qualifications

Collecting, maintaining, and verifying contractor data is incredibly complex.

Multiple worksites and contractors. Hundreds — or thousands — of individual employees. Keeping it all organized is frustrating, time-consuming, and absolutely critical. SafetyPlusWeb CQ makes it easier than ever to ensure every contractor (and employee) meets your qualification criteria before they set foot on the job.

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Get the information you need without burdening your contractors with irrelevant questions, saving time and frustration.

  • Start with our templates and customize as needed for responses more relevant to you
  • Determine automatic failure ranges
  • Score contractors according to your standards with KPI Dashboards
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Plan confidently with accurate contractor responses.

  • Automatically identify contractors that pass, fail, or receive a conditional approval.
  • Certificate of Insurance review
  • EMR review
  • Document review
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View critical metrics at a glance.

  • Create custom scoring criteria
  • See how contractors compare to national averages
  • Quantify worksite risks to enhance targeted safety efforts.
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Don’t let red tape slow down your business. Customize qualification standards based on your company's timeframes and criteria.

  • Set exception/variance expiration dates
  • Grant variances/exceptions on an individual basis
  • Audit variances by work site to track internal compliance.
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Streamline your orientation process by allowing contractors to watch required training videos before showing up on site.

  • Provide employee-level training and vetting
  • Upload your own training content
  • Test for understanding and comprehension
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Restrict access to only employees who meet your on-site requirements

  • Establish your own requirements (ie, drug tests, background checks, site orientation completion)
  • Know when contractor employees enter and exit your site

Experts in contractor qualification

We get it. Qualifying countless contractors against different standards can be complicated for you and frustrating for them. That’s why we’ve built the industry’s most user-friendly pre-qualification system.

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Safety Plus has helped us get contractors on site quickly - getting them in and out of training efficiently and making the whole process hassle-free.

Bryant Turberville

Evonik Industries

Safety Plus helped us create a New Hire Orientation Program that gives us peace of mind that new employees are properly trained and able to perform work safely the first time they clock in for a shift.

Bradley MyerL

Myer Marine

Our partnership with Safety Plus has allowed us to focus on our day-to-day industrial cleaning operations while they remain laser-focused on our safety operations. They have helped keep our employees safe year in and year out by handling every aspect of safety from training, to inspections, to documentation.

Chris Smith

Smith Industrial Services

Due to an emergency, we lost a site safety person. Safety Plus came through in our time of need and had a qualified professional on our site within 48 hours. As a result, we were able to save money while keeping production going.

Bradley Marecek


Our safety program is elevated by SafetyPlusWeb - the Audits feature in the SafetyPlusWeb App and the training documentation helps us manage the most important elements of our safety program with ease. I recommend SafetyPlusWeb to everyone I know.

David Patrick

Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Company – Invirex

Safety Plus is more than a software provider, they are a partner in our safety efforts. We have tripled in size since starting with SafetyPlusWeb and we've still seen a reduction in overall incidents due to their software and great customer support.

Jason Thompson


Qualifying contractors shouldn’t be so hard.

SafetyPlusWeb CQ simplifies the process of vetting contractors to ensure that everyone on your job site maintains compliance throughout the life of your project. Here’s how it works:

Step 01
Schedule A Consultation

We’ll meet to discuss your contractor vetting complications and needs.

Step 02
Configure And Enroll

We’ll help you design and implement your vetting system — and we’ll help get your contractors signed up.

Step 03
Qualify With Confidence

Get the personal support and guidance you need to qualify with confidence — every time.

Vet Contractors With Confidence.

Managing contractor data can be frustrating and time-consuming. We believe qualifying contractors shouldn’t be so hard. SafetyPlusWeb CQ makes it much easier to pre-qualify contractors, employees, and vendors with automatic approval processes based on your requirements and vetting procedures – allowing you to simplify and streamline safe operations.


Simplify Contractor Qualification Once And For All.