Discover how Safety Plus provided McAbee Construction with a centralized safety management platform to help track training and actionable analytics.

How McAbee Construction Is
Improving Training With Safety Plus.

As an established leader in industrial fabrication, McAbee Construction understood that maintaining good training records is essential to managing an effective health and safety program. But without a centralized platform in place, their existing safety training program was bogged down by inefficiencies. The team relied on a fragmented system of paper folders and manual processes that led to disorganization, frustration, and wasted time across the board. Without the ability to easily track training completion or have visibility into critical, real-time training data, it was extremely challenging to monitor and maintain the safety of their employees and contractors.

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Company Location

Tuscaloosa, AL

Company Size

500-700 Employees


The Problem

"As a leader in industrial fabrication, we knew keeping good training records was crucial for a solid health and safety program. Our existing program was bogging us down. We were stuck with a system of paper folders and manual process that wasted too much time. Not being able to easily see who completed their training or get real-time data made it extremely difficult to keep an eye on our team while making sure they were working safely."


The Solution

With SafetyPlusWeb, McAbee Construction sought to:

  • Modernize their safety systems with the SafetyPlusWeb software platform for completing and tracking training, jobsite audits, incidents, and more.
  • Standardize their training program and improve efficiency.
  • Improve their ability to find accurate data and produce critical records.
  • Gain clarity and global visibility into safety records.
  • Get hands-on assistance with manual processes such as data entry and delivering training notifications.

The Results

After implementing SafetyPlusWeb, McAbee Construction...

  • Now has a single source of truth for all necessary training and safety data across the entire company through the SafetyPlusWeb software.
  • Experienced a significant increase in training completion within one month of implementation.
  • Has access to actionable analytics for managers
  • Eliminated manual, labor-intensive processes – freeing up 1-1.5 days per week for multiple people on the team.
  • Has consistent reporting that shows employee training and equipment checks are up to date.
  • Has a sustainable audit/inspection platform and improved communication with jobsites.

Another Safety
Success Story

“Working with Safety Plus has saved multiple people on our team at least 1-1.5 hours per week. Having a single source of truth for all our safety data has made it much easier to do our jobs and operate our safety program efficiently.”

Procurement Manager and Compliance Officer
McAbee Construction


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Smith Industrial Services core mac myer ammons lcdc

Our partnership with Safety Plus has allowed us to focus on our day-to-day industrial cleaning operations while they remain laser-focused on our safety operations. They have helped keep our employees safe year in and year out by handling every aspect of safety from training, to inspections, to documentation.

Chris Smith

Smith Industrial Services

Safety Plus helps us reach our established safety goals by making training tracking and certification management easier and more efficient than ever.

Andrew Peter

Core Industries

Our Safety Plus Team's attention to detail is unmatched and has helped make safety a top priority in our company.

Mark Mostellar

Mobile Asphalt Co.

Safety Plus helped us create a New Hire Orientation Program that gives us peace of mind that new employees are properly trained and able to perform work safely the first time they clock in for a shift.

Bradley Myer

Myer Marine

Safety Plus helps you work safe today so you can go home safe tonight.

Donnie Davis

Ammons & Blackmon, LLC

Our safety program is elevated by SafetyPlusWeb - the Audits feature in the SafetyPlusWeb App and the training documentation helps us manage the most important elements of our safety program with ease. I recommend SafetyPlusWeb to everyone I know.

David Patrick

Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Company – Invirex

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