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A-Gas US, Inc. – Contractor Qualification

Welcome to the Safety Plus Contractor Management Start-Up Page. As part of the A-Gas US, Inc. pre-qualification process, companies must enroll and participate in three Safety Plus Contractor Management programs prior to performing work on site.

This page contains a list of instructions for your account set-up and maintenance with step-by-step processes, and links to additional resources. Should you have any questions throughout this process, please contact Our Customer Support Team or call our office help desk at 251-661-7650 and ask to speak with a Contractor Support Specialist.


Safety Plus Registration

1) Complete Registration Form

Begin the registration process by choosing one of the options on the right sides of this screen. A Contractor is a company that will be performing work on site and a Vendor is a company that delivers a service to the site. The notification letter that you received from A-Gas should specify this information but if you are unsure of your status as a contractor or vendor, please contact your A-Gas team representative for clarification.


2) Place Your Order

Your order confirms your SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ Subscription that will connect you to the A-Gas contractor management program.


3) Look out for an email with your Account Information

The Safety Plus team will process your order, create your account, and send you an email with additional information. This email will not be instantaneous, please allow one business day for your account to be processed or call our office at the number above to request an urgency be placed on your order.

To register your company, choose the button below that best describes the work your company completes for A-Gas.


For Contractors
Employee Vetting
For Vendors