Train Your Employees

the Smart Way

Managing safety training and compliance can be difficult and time-consuming.
SafetyPlusWeb makes assigning and tracking safety training easy.

Learn about the software product features below.


Training Prevents Incidents

Safety training and compliance are not only legal requirements, but also ethical and moral obligations.
By providing your employees with proper safety education and guidance, you can prevent accidents,
injuries, and lawsuits that can harm your business and your reputation.

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Stay compliant with a comprehensive safety training library.

Access over 70 safety training videos with corresponding tests in the SafetyPlusWeb Learning Management System (LMS).

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Track every aspect of employee safety compliance. Put box-checking on auto-pilot.

Assign training, identify missing requirements, print Employee Compliance QR Code stickers, and more.


Customize Your Training Content

Add your own custom content and site-orientations to your unique library so that employees can access all training requirements from anywhere.


Safety in the palm of every employee’s hand.

Make safety training more accessible than ever with the SafetyPlusWeb™ app. Employees will have constant access to all training requirements as well as the ability to perform audits, safety meetings, JSAs, and more.


Never let training expire on your watch.

Set automatic notification reminders for employees and supervisors when training is soon to expire.

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No more scrambling for data. Get access to all of your safety program management analytics in one place.

Identify organizational safety trends with lagging and leading hazard indicators – check in on training, audits, incidents, and more.

We get it. Running a safety program without the right tools feels like a losing battle.

Join the thousands of safety managers around the US who have taken the chaos out of compliance with SafetyPlusWeb - the safety management software build by safety professionals.

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Our safety program is elevated by SafetyPlusWeb - the Audits feature in the SafetyPlusWeb App and the training documentation helps us manage the most important elements of our safety program with ease. I recommend SafetyPlusWeb to everyone I know.

David Patrick

Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Company – Invirex

SafetyPlusWeb has made our safety program more efficient - especially with regards to training and tracking requirements. It allows our entire safety team to check employee compliance while on the jobsite and without having to dig through piles of paperwork.

Lee Reagan

Canary USA

Safety Plus is more than a software provider, they are a partner in our safety efforts. We have tripled in size since starting with SafetyPlusWeb and we've still seen a reduction in overall incidents due to their software and great customer support.

Jason Thompson


SafetyPlusWeb has revolutionized the way we can deliver training to our employees, especially with the regard to our New Hire Orientation, which makes onboarding incredibly easy and efficient.

Paul Fly

Thomas Concrete

Working with Safety Plus has saved multiple people on our team at least 1-1.5 hours per week. Having a single source of truth for all our safety data has made it much easier to do our jobs and operate our safety program efficiently.

Dennis Creel

McAbee Construction

SafetyPlusWeb has taken our safety program to the next level. The information we need is intelligently organized and easily accessible at a moment's notice.

Greg Lewis

MoreTrench American

The Safety Plus Process: turn complexity into confidence in 3 simple steps.

Get the software you need to build a streamlined and productive safety program.

Step 01
Request a Demo

See how SafetyPlusWeb can make your work simpler, faster, and more effective.

Step 02
Personalize Onboarding

Our implementation team will help configure the software to fit your situation.

Step 03
Make Safe Work Efficient

Manage safety productively with one easy-to-use tool.

The 6 Pillars of an Effective Safety Program

How to run a safety program without complying yourself out
of business.

Case Studies

Turn Safety into Your Competitive Edge with SafetyPlusWeb

Safety training and compliance don’t have to be boring, complicated, or expensive. With SafetyPlusWeb, you can turn safety into a competitive advantage for your business. You can empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. You can boost your reputation as a responsible and caring employer. And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect your people and your business.


Automate safety training to make safe work efficient.