Multi-Employer Worksites: How to Keep Them Safe and Efficient

Multi-employer worksites are common in many industries, where multiple employers work at the same location or jobsite. As a worksite owner, it’s important to ensure that all employers and workers are safe while working on your projects. Here are some key safety considerations for multi-employer worksites from the owners’ perspective and how Safety Plus assists our clients operating their projects safely:

  1. Understand the responsibilities of all employees: As a worksite owner, it’s crucial to understand the responsibilities of all employees working on your property. Each employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees, but a project owner may also have some responsibility for ensuring the safety of the worksite.
  2. Clearly define roles and responsibilities: To avoid confusion and miscommunication, it’s important to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each employer and their employees. This can be done through written agreements or contracts. If you do have contractors on site, it’s important to make sure they’re qualified and can be trusted to work on the job.
  3. Establish safety policies and procedures: The worksite owner should establish clear safety policies and procedures that all employers and employees must follow. This can include requirements for personal protective equipment, safe work practices, and emergency response plans. Having no safety policy in place can land you in serious trouble, having a poor policy in place however can be just as risky. Safety Plus has written thousands of safety policies for companies working in virtually every industry. Leave the paperwork to us, so you can focus on the job ahead.
  4. Conduct regular safety inspections: Regular safety inspections of the worksite can help identify potential hazards and ensure that all employees are complying with safety policies and procedures. A missed hazard could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in OSHA or other regulatory fines. If you don’t have the capacity or experience to inspect your worksites however, we can help establish regular inspections to identify and correct these hazards. Alternatively, an owner can also use SafetyPlusWeb to capture their own inspections or empower their employees to perform inspections themselves.
  5. Provide safety training: The worksite owner should provide safety training to all employees and employees on the worksite. This can include general safety training as well as training specific to the hazards and risks present on the worksite. One avoidable accident on the job could spell disaster for a business. Effective training prepares employees to safely perform their work and helps prevent these incidents.
  6. Communicate regularly: Regular communication between the worksite owner and all employers can help ensure that everyone is aware of any changes or updates to safety policies and procedures. Making safety meetings part of your operations could cut down on costly incidents. Owners that utilize SafetyPlusWeb can lead an effective safety meeting with our over 500 toolbox talk topics.
  7. Have a plan for resolving safety issues: If a safety issue arises on the worksite, the worksite owner should have a plan in place for resolving the issue and ensuring the safety of all employers and employees. Establishing corrective actions and reporting incidents quickly can mean life or death on the job. Having an effective safety program in place that has steps and procedures to handle these issues can save worksite owners a lot of headaches and even damaging lawsuits.

Worksite owners play a vital role in ensuring the safety of all employers and employees on a multi-employer worksite. By understanding the responsibilities of all employers, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, establishing safety policies and procedures, conducting regular safety inspections, providing safety training, communicating regularly, and having a plan for resolving safety issues, the worksite owner can help create a safe and healthy worksite for everyone involved. At Safety Plus, we think you deserve the resources to make safe work efficient — without having to do it all yourself. Our custom-built, fully managed safety programs take the hassle out of compliance, ensuring you and your team are more confident and more productive. Schedule a consultation with one of our certified safety professionals today and we’ll work with you to establish a safety program that is the right fit for your project needs.

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